Trainer & Holistic Life Coach, Aaron Holland has experience as a certified trainer in one of the top New York City gyms for over a decade.

A New Jersey born athlete, he relocated to New York in 2007 to follow his passion for fitness. With a background of more than 20 years lifting and an active lifestyle from a young age, he is happy to still be making his passion his career. 

His diverse clientele has given him extensive experience in many areas of training. He will construct the perfect workouts to fit your requirements and desires. Holland prides himself on his loyal clientele made from genuine compassion and personal investment in his client's lives and wellbeing. Personable, professional and a perfectionist, Holland prides himself on safe and effective training.

ISSA, Precision Nutrition, Pre/Post Natal, TRX, ViPR & Kettle-bell Athletics Certified




Aaron Holland now provides exclusive yearly unlimited training offers.

Ideal for those with uncertain schedules or who would just like the ease of training without limits, Hassle free booking, last minute scheduling and the utmost flexiblity. 

Pay a fixed amount and get to train WHEN and HOW you wish for the whole year.



Holland has had a broad range of experience in all areas of expert training from his many successful years working at a top New York gym. Each workout is carefully crafted to your individual needs and goals.

As well as nutritional advice, pre/postnatal training & focused training leading up to special occasions, Aaron has experience in many other areas.  Pick your main interest below to get started...


January 2017

June 2017

"In 6 months Aaron not only helped me lose weight, but taught me about nutrition and how to boost my metabolism. I couldn't do it without him"
"I couldn't do it without him"

Alexa P

Client Since Jan 2017

"my posture, appearance, health and self-confidence have all improved"
"Aaron really pays attention to you and knows what he's doing. On top of that, he's very congenial and often willing to spend a little extra time with you to finish up a workout. With the attentiveness and experience, I really learned a lot about how my muscles and body work. As a result, my posture, appearance, health and self-confidence have all improved. I am really glad to have the privilege of training with him!"


Client Since 2015

"He strives to not only guide and instruct, but to impart his wisdom to others so they can grow on their own as well."
"Aaron Holland has been my personal trainer for over 6 years and during that time, I have come to know him as a dedicated, trustworthy, and highly competent person. He strives to attain the best results by applying a deep knowledge and technical expertise to his work. I particularly appreciate his reliability and high proficiency skills. I have learned quite a lot from him over the years and he strives to not only guide and instruct, but to impart his wisdom to others so they can grow on their own as well."


Client Since 2010

"Aaron is by far the best personal trainer I’ve worked with. I’ve known him for four years and his knowledge and coaching place him well above the rest. He listens carefully to plan and adjust your program for success. I’ve often said the he cares about every single rep! That’s how dedicated he is"
"by far the best personal trainer I’ve worked with"

D. Matthews

Client Since 2013

"I have been training with Aaron for eight years now and his attention to detail, follow up, emphasis on form, and understanding of my goals makes him stand out in the sea of trainers I have met over the years. Aaron cares about me and my progress and has adapted my training routines as my goals have changed over the years. His passion for fitness and his clients is immediately apparent."
"His passion for fitness and his clients is immediately apparent"

Andrew C

Client Since 2009

Aaron holland


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